Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Status: In a Relationship

I never had a GIRLFRIEND since birth. YES! You read it right I'm on of the members of the NGSB(No Girlfriend Since Birth) guys out there. It was fun being single. It doesn't apply that single is alone either lonely. Being Single is feeling free. Yourself is the priority. But today at this very day November 16, 2010, I broke the spell of Singleness. Another YES! I'm not single anymore. I found a partner. Mira Mae Alquizar, she is the one.

How?! Facebook is the answer. It goes like this. I saw an post she made have this line :"Unang Maglike magiging in a relationship kayo for 5 days"(The first one to LIKE this post will be you in a relationship status for 5 days). First I leave a comment on the post. I am the first one to comment on the post. It was not in the plan. I had fun leaving comments or giving a likes on this TRY THE DARE application on Facebook.

I often check my facebook for my friends updates, post comments and so as leave my own status. I found some number of TRY THE DARE posts, I like some and leave some comments on it. One of the famous DARE is "Pangalawang Maglike dito, sasabihan mo ng "ang Cute MO!" (The Second Person to comment on this post, You will tell him/her:"YOur so CUTE")

It was round 10 in the evening a notification pops in on the Facebook. I checked it then I found that it was her leaving a comment on her TRY THE DARE post. I read it, took the dare ang leave a comment. I don't know what came to my mind just took it. No regrets it's just for fun, and I did had a lot of fun. It was around 10 in the evening that I took the action of Liking or shall I say trying the DARE.

I don't know how does changing your relationship status to "in a relationship" works. I had already saw on her WALL her change of relationship status but it's lacking. It took some time before I finally got the confirmation message on changing the relationship status, about an hour or more. I even had to ask her how to do it. And I checked her profile and it was complete.

I felt different afterward. I can't explain, it's as if I was able to accomplish something. I felt happy within. A feeling that made me ask myself: "Is this the feeling of having a FACEBOOK status in a relationship? or is this the real deal of being in a relationship?" I really can't explain what I felt.

All that was, were just a DARE, just a Facebook application. It is NOT true on the real world. It is just on our virtual life. BUT! But I can't say "Nothing is Real"because I felt something on this experience. A feeling I surely wont forget.

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