Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not a Holiday at All Souls Day

I really wonder why was the second day of November this year which was "All Souls Day" not declared as a "Special Non-working Holiday"? Before I started making this post I did some research and found an answer. And the reason or the answer was, President Benigno Aquino III did not sign the documents that declaring this day to be a Special Non-Working Holiday.

How did this day gone for me? It didn't came to be a usual day. I was able to woke up by my fathers voice calling out my name to have a hand on what his up to. So I help out myself to get out of my bed and responded as fast as I could, even though I barely stood straight. My father asked me to carry with him 2 set of divider that was used by his friend on his store. So we brought the divider back to our house a full house. It almost shouted itself that "No Space for New Things". Papa really knows space management and found a place where to put that big thing.

After it's all set and done, I took my breakfast, I ate a lot to have my strength restore. Spent some time watching TV shows, Cartoons and it was "SPONGEBOB square pants". Got bored and thought of I got to move. I fixed my bed, which I rarely do but because I'm looking for something to do so I grabbed the chance. Did a little furnish on the floor and so as to my school shoes in preparation for the up coming semester.

Mama was already preparing for her session of cooking our food for lunch while I decide to have a laundry of my mountain like dirty cloths. I took actions. Lunch was ready and I was still half way of my laundry session. I took my break and have my lunch. hmmmm Mama really cooks well, the undying "HUMBA". tsup tsup tsup tsup tsup "SARAP!" After that I got myself back to finish the work I left because I have to catch up with the Suns drying heat. After I finished my laundry, got some rest got bored and lay down to bed for real rest.

When I woke up it was already 4 in the afternoon, time really pass by so fast. I have to prepare for my work and have to return the camera to our eldest brother as what I've promised the other day to him. After returning the camera I headed to my working place. As usual the homepage was FACEBOOK so it was the first thing I did check and update status. And She was there and had our session of exchanging of stories. It was really the Climax, talking to her again. I missed her a lot.

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