Thursday, November 11, 2010

Generating New Income From New Ideas

It was a day full of head pains. Truly I able to rest but not a real and right one and as a result of this act, headache arises. To divert my attention I got myself to my laptop and start browsing the net to make myself busy.

I opened my Facebook Account to check what new on my friends. I found a friend who was away and his status says he's already back here. So I start a conversation on how was his trip gone. So he shared that it was worthy and he had a lot of new things learned about his line of business, Online Business. "Your Bots do the rest of the job", that's what he said. He explained a bit how it works and state some sample software like SENUKE. I was impressed on how each software works and truly it is a big help for people who is on the Online Business. I thought about Google and I doubted about the new Bots lasts for a long time. Google gets strict as time passes by. But he just said "If Google get better, Bots get Better too".The topic was diverted and later on he had to go. I have to take my dinner too so I also leave for awhile.

When I got back I checked my blogs for some great news like approval, but it is still pending. My sister came and observed what I'm doing. She asked me how much did I earned from blogging since. I told her nothing for now I'm onto something. She told me about a site that helps to generate money, Pay Per Post. PPP was new to me and I never heard of it. She let me visited the site and had me registered, and so as my blog. She explained how it works and I was hopeful that it will be the key to new income source. I followed the steps and I was successfully completed the procedure and it says I had just to wait for some days.

For now I really need to have an additional income, for my December life is fast approaching. I am so excited about this merry month. Got a lot of things in mind. Hope this new ideas work for me. And if does, I'll just share it here on my blog.

The interior defense dines under the sabotage.

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