Thursday, November 11, 2010

Headache Strikes back with Bonus Problem

I'm sure before I get a sleep last night I'm sure I'm not feeling well and I believe that it was a sign of fatigue. Backaches, headaches, light crumbs, hands feeling numb and a lot more of little body pains. I told myself to have a good rest before it's too late and I also thought of future tasks to do and if this condition pursues I may not be able to do this important things like finishing the thesis.

I gave myself a rest but it was not the kind of rest my body needs, I overslept. I slept around 10 in the morning and I woke up already pass 4 in the afternoon. As a result, more headaches, more painful than what I have before I got myself to sleep. My body aside from my head feels better, it seems that all the stress' got into my head. I don't like to drink any medicine because I believe it would just cost me future illnesses. For self treatment to took a lot of water since I believe I was not able to refill my self of the essential benefits of water such as simple body refreshment.

I had to make myself busy so that I may not feel that much of the pain I'm into. Play with my nephew "Dhimple", "CJ" and "Audrey" was one of my options but it didn't turned well because I get irritated easily. Watching television was my next option. At start it was good but I found myself got bored and also feeling the pain again. Fortunately, my next idea worked, start working with my online task. I got focused and time passes really fast now a days.

It's time for dinner and I ate a lot, I missed eating "Kinilaw" and "Bola-bolang Isda". After eating I got back to my laptop and to finalized my task for the day and submitted my report. I felt better afterward. Watching TV was not already a problem and I can tolerate my nephews attitudes.

It is late and here I am making this post at around quarter before the clock hits 12 midnight. My problem at this very moment is... How to help myself get to sleep? T_T

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