Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recovered Day: I really Need a Daily Dose of You

Am I Sick? Since yesterday I have something within me. I guess a light illness that I can tolerate, for now, but bothers me from time to time. I felt dizzy and mild headache that really disturbs my job. I can't focus. A small move, little talk and slight surprise were really a big thing to me. I got easily irritated but fortunately I was able to handle it.

Last night, I told myself to finish my tasks as early as I could and go home to have a full rest and get myself to work as early as I could. Unfortunately this things were not followed not even one of them. I was not able to accomplish the tasks because of some technical errors and I can't just live it just like that, so I have to fix it before I go. And I did. But seems the world was against my plans, it rained. I have no choice but to stay just enjoy the night doing facebook. It was still a good time, I really had a great time with her even just in chat, so hard feeling at all.

I slept around 1 in the morning after she said her good nights and good byes, I taught myself to sleep early so that I could wake up early the next day. And again I did woke up early and go t a better chances of making the planned things work. I got home earlier than the usual, ate my breakfast and spared some time for my nephews attention. Got bored and lay down to my bed. What happened next? I slept and when I got up, men, it's already 11 in the morning. I got pissed off but rather thought of better things than to murmur around. I prepared to go to work as fast as I could. I got a ride with my Papa that somewhat helps financially and emotionally.

I got at school around 1 o'clock and have a little chit chat. Find some things to do and move to fix it. I started to feel a little bit dizzy and noticed I got quiet and so as my fellows. They tried to make feel better by making me laugh but I'm really not in the mood and still fixing myself. At this point I'm still not aware of what's wrong about myself. Later on I was able to identify what's the problem and it was about my health, headache, dizziness and other unidentified conditions. I separated myself from them and focus on the things I'm onto and it help but not that much. I got bored, I have to deal with it. I listened to their conversations and got myself with them. I expressed what am really feeling, as I know it, and I guess they were able to understand my rare behavior for this day.

Time is up and it's time to pack things for the next job. But before I leave Kookie was able to brought some tummy healing thing, Pizza, a slice of it. After the delivery she left us and said her goodbyes, and afterward I also got to leave for my next job. I don't like waiting. I had a hard time in finding my ride for my next destination. After about 15 or more tricycles and 15 to 25 minutes of wasted waiting time before I finally had my ride.

I opened facebook after I arrived to check some updates and mails. Ate my dinner and back to my laptop to start working. I'm not in mood of working but I have to. Time pass and time to buy snacks, Piatos Oishi and the long time perfect attendance a liter of Coca cola. And she was there. I started to heal my self and hope she could help me recover this day. I chatted her, started making some conversation, update each other and enjoy each other. She is really my medicine. Felt better, I really do. Time flies so fast and had to say our thanks and good nights, the part I really love the most. Letting her know how mush she is appreciated and how much I care. Before I got to sleep I ask my self how do I feel? and I answered "I felt Better", and thought of saying this line to her: "I really need a daily dose of you".

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