Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Status: In a Relationship

I never had a GIRLFRIEND since birth. YES! You read it right I'm on of the members of the NGSB(No Girlfriend Since Birth) guys out there. It was fun being single. It doesn't apply that single is alone either lonely. Being Single is feeling free. Yourself is the priority. But today at this very day November 16, 2010, I broke the spell of Singleness. Another YES! I'm not single anymore. I found a partner. Mira Mae Alquizar, she is the one.

How?! Facebook is the answer. It goes like this. I saw an post she made have this line :"Unang Maglike magiging in a relationship kayo for 5 days"(The first one to LIKE this post will be you in a relationship status for 5 days). First I leave a comment on the post. I am the first one to comment on the post. It was not in the plan. I had fun leaving comments or giving a likes on this TRY THE DARE application on Facebook.

I often check my facebook for my friends updates, post comments and so as leave my own status. I found some number of TRY THE DARE posts, I like some and leave some comments on it. One of the famous DARE is "Pangalawang Maglike dito, sasabihan mo ng "ang Cute MO!" (The Second Person to comment on this post, You will tell him/her:"YOur so CUTE")

It was round 10 in the evening a notification pops in on the Facebook. I checked it then I found that it was her leaving a comment on her TRY THE DARE post. I read it, took the dare ang leave a comment. I don't know what came to my mind just took it. No regrets it's just for fun, and I did had a lot of fun. It was around 10 in the evening that I took the action of Liking or shall I say trying the DARE.

I don't know how does changing your relationship status to "in a relationship" works. I had already saw on her WALL her change of relationship status but it's lacking. It took some time before I finally got the confirmation message on changing the relationship status, about an hour or more. I even had to ask her how to do it. And I checked her profile and it was complete.

I felt different afterward. I can't explain, it's as if I was able to accomplish something. I felt happy within. A feeling that made me ask myself: "Is this the feeling of having a FACEBOOK status in a relationship? or is this the real deal of being in a relationship?" I really can't explain what I felt.

All that was, were just a DARE, just a Facebook application. It is NOT true on the real world. It is just on our virtual life. BUT! But I can't say "Nothing is Real"because I felt something on this experience. A feeling I surely wont forget.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pa, let's talk about Boxing: Sunday Boxing Office

One of my Fathers interests is Boxing and he is a big fan of the Peoples Champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. At first I'm not on it, but every time that there is a boxing coverage on TV I have no choice but to watch and hear his excitement on the match. He might be a good boxing commentator if given a young age. Later on as I watch over and over on boxing matches and hear his explanation on each bout, who has a better records, better physique and who's winning the fight. I got the feel on this interest without noticing it and started to enjoy watching and have predictions of each fight outcomes.

Sunday ,November 07,2010 , Philippines, the Day of Puerto Rico vs Mexico. Rafeal Marquez, brother of Juan Manual Marquez, having the record of 39 wins, 35 of which are from Knock outs and 5 loses, fights with the undefeated Juanma Lopez (29 wins, 26 via KO's) in the World renowned boxing venue the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. The World witnessed a great brawl of brave boxers.

For this fight, I bet for the undefeated Juanma Lopez because I saw his previous performance and I was amazed and I saw a great future for this man. Marquez was my fathers bet because he is really impressed with it's brothers performance and hopeful that Rafael will also do the same. We both made our analysis and share, advantages, weakness and more statistics.

The fight started with the current champs dominance for the first set of rounds but Juanma had a taste of Rafael's Power telling the message "Don't take me easy". Lopez got cautious. I myself shouted for this one great fight. Rafael had a stance somewhat alike with his brother but not that good enough to stand Lopez quickness and cleverness. It was not an easy fight for Lopez either Rafael was able to brought up answers to his punches. Several rounds might have resulted for an early end but time always saves the man. Rafael was first caught then the next rounds he got tougher and had Lopez in the same situation, being dizzy.

Round 8, a big brawl was showcase to Vegas as the two exchange bouts to win the fight. It was not an easy fight to both of them. Each giving the best of they have with full of heart and determination to have his hand to pull up at the end of the day. As the round 9 was about to start, an unexpected scene happened. Rafael Marquez gave up the fight. He complains about his shoulder. Lopez won the fight and remained undefeated. Papa and I can't believe that the beautiful fight just ended like that.

We really did have a great time watching two warriors battle for the prestigious belt and for ones honor for his country. One of the best boxing fights I've seen, I say. I still can remember the feeling even at this very moment, the thrill, excitement, and more.

Another great boxing experience was last Sunday, November 14, 2010, that ended the long wait of the million fans of PACMAN. Peoples Champ faces the Tijuana Tornado. Speed over weight was shown and the said Physics law was broken as the fight progress. Manny broke a lot of predictions that day.

As a fan Papa favors Pacman but not that confident because Manny was lighter than his opponent and like most of the comments it would be a big factor in the fight. Even I considered such factor but believed more in Manny Speed and Dedications. I share some of the rumors I've heard prior to the fight. Papa have no idea about Margarito's previous fights and issues.

Father and I can't wait to know the result so we turned on our radio and tuned in to a station having a live coverage on the fight. Papa just can't stop smiling from hearing the comments and the peoples cheer as the live bout progress. I had fun watching him cheering and so as his worried face when Pacquiao was said to be hit badly. He really said no doubt Pacman dominated the fight and it did. The end of the bout the People Champ was raise and the crowd goes wild.

It's time to see the real action on TV. I felt so nervous, I never had much while watching a boxing session on TV. On the first rounds you can see each advantages being used well, Pacman's Speed and Tijuana Tornado's Mass. As the each round ends and as the fight progresses, you can already see who was dominating, it was Pacquiao. Pacquiao was almost everywhere around Margarito in and out living a super fast and heavy punches. Margarito tried to setup Pacquiao on the ropes as the commentators said it was his weakness on his previous fight against Cotto that gave him a hard fight that time. But Margarito just can't caught up with Manny's speed due to his mass. Pacquiao made Margarito's advantage his own disadvantage. The Fight end up bloody for Margarito. He almost fall at the eleventh round of the fight but luckily saved by the bell. Full twelve round of a true boxing was showcased to Dallas Texas.

We were pissed off of the coverage because each round was followed by a long list of Ads sponsoring the fight before the next round begins. Many jobs are postponed because of the Ads. Papa just can't live his sit, not allowing to miss any round of the great fight. We really had a great time, we did really enjoy our Sunday Boxing. Love you Pa ^_^ Thank you ^_^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Headache Strikes back with Bonus Problem

I'm sure before I get a sleep last night I'm sure I'm not feeling well and I believe that it was a sign of fatigue. Backaches, headaches, light crumbs, hands feeling numb and a lot more of little body pains. I told myself to have a good rest before it's too late and I also thought of future tasks to do and if this condition pursues I may not be able to do this important things like finishing the thesis.

I gave myself a rest but it was not the kind of rest my body needs, I overslept. I slept around 10 in the morning and I woke up already pass 4 in the afternoon. As a result, more headaches, more painful than what I have before I got myself to sleep. My body aside from my head feels better, it seems that all the stress' got into my head. I don't like to drink any medicine because I believe it would just cost me future illnesses. For self treatment to took a lot of water since I believe I was not able to refill my self of the essential benefits of water such as simple body refreshment.

I had to make myself busy so that I may not feel that much of the pain I'm into. Play with my nephew "Dhimple", "CJ" and "Audrey" was one of my options but it didn't turned well because I get irritated easily. Watching television was my next option. At start it was good but I found myself got bored and also feeling the pain again. Fortunately, my next idea worked, start working with my online task. I got focused and time passes really fast now a days.

It's time for dinner and I ate a lot, I missed eating "Kinilaw" and "Bola-bolang Isda". After eating I got back to my laptop and to finalized my task for the day and submitted my report. I felt better afterward. Watching TV was not already a problem and I can tolerate my nephews attitudes.

It is late and here I am making this post at around quarter before the clock hits 12 midnight. My problem at this very moment is... How to help myself get to sleep? T_T

Generating New Income From New Ideas

It was a day full of head pains. Truly I able to rest but not a real and right one and as a result of this act, headache arises. To divert my attention I got myself to my laptop and start browsing the net to make myself busy.

I opened my Facebook Account to check what new on my friends. I found a friend who was away and his status says he's already back here. So I start a conversation on how was his trip gone. So he shared that it was worthy and he had a lot of new things learned about his line of business, Online Business. "Your Bots do the rest of the job", that's what he said. He explained a bit how it works and state some sample software like SENUKE. I was impressed on how each software works and truly it is a big help for people who is on the Online Business. I thought about Google and I doubted about the new Bots lasts for a long time. Google gets strict as time passes by. But he just said "If Google get better, Bots get Better too".The topic was diverted and later on he had to go. I have to take my dinner too so I also leave for awhile.

When I got back I checked my blogs for some great news like approval, but it is still pending. My sister came and observed what I'm doing. She asked me how much did I earned from blogging since. I told her nothing for now I'm onto something. She told me about a site that helps to generate money, Pay Per Post. PPP was new to me and I never heard of it. She let me visited the site and had me registered, and so as my blog. She explained how it works and I was hopeful that it will be the key to new income source. I followed the steps and I was successfully completed the procedure and it says I had just to wait for some days.

For now I really need to have an additional income, for my December life is fast approaching. I am so excited about this merry month. Got a lot of things in mind. Hope this new ideas work for me. And if does, I'll just share it here on my blog.

The interior defense dines under the sabotage.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a Sa-THEATER Day

As usual, I woke up late and I was not able to meet my plans for the day. I should have been early for work at school. Since I am late I decided to prepare for the 1pm session or half day. I took my breakfast, took some time to watch TV to enjoy few of my leisure times for my busy life. I planned for the afternoon to settle first my monthly payment for my "Lappy" with my brothers help before I'll be going to school.

Time to fix things up and I have to prepare. I did an earlier preparation since I have to do something before I go to my main day objective. I got dressed for a hard and definitely long day because there were still a lot of things to do at school. I had my ride to my Brother's house. Then the usual line was stated: "May Movies ka?". I said "Yes I have" and he said "Good. I have borrowed a projector and it fits for a Sa-theater Day". Because his flash drive was a bit of damaged, and file transfer using it was not a good option. I volunteered to setup my laptop for the their movie session with his family, my nephews. His masters bedroom was newly renovated and was installed with air conditioning system few days ago was the venue of the great movie day experience.

It was a Sony projector that he was able to borrow from his friend, and he had this new sound system that terrifically matched the room. I can really feel the theatrical ambiance of the setup. nice view of the movie big enough for the room, the sound system was doubly, the video quality was also good plus the effect of the air conditions system of the room. I was a cool experience for me. It was my dream to have a setup like on one the rooms of my future house. And because of this experience I did say I can make this dream to reality.

First stop, INCEPTION, a great movie starring the famous actor "Leonardo Dicaprio". It was a about changing a person perception toward something in reality through their dreams. And it was not just a simple dream. Dreaming withing a dream within a dream. It was really cool, a unique concept was created I couldn't imagine how the whole idea was realized to a fantastic movie. It took about 2 hours before the whole movie was finished. I didn't realize the time consumed until I got out of the room and watch the sunlight outside that was already ready to give way for the night.

After the first movie my brother and I took a break and it was my nephews turn to watch their own selection of movie. They picked "Cats and Dogs: revenge of Kitty Galore". I left to attain my important objective which is to settle my monthly payment before it's too late. My brother lend my some money to buy some Snacks. I live and went to the store for the payment and afterward I went to the mall and buy some Hot Pandesal. After I paid, I saw Mama, with my sister and my nephews. And they asked me if I was able to see Papa around because he was lost because of mis-communication after they went to the comfort room. I got worried so I live them to have a look around and hopeful to find my father. I took a sure look of every face I cross with but found no Papa around.

I left the mall and got back to my brothers house. Eat some hot Pan de sal and not that long my nephews also got out of the room because the movie has already ended. It was our turn again to watch the next picture, Jonah Hex. It was not that cool compared to other movies I've watched before. It lacks some details that supports the whole story and that could have made the story even more interesting. I was dismayed because i really thought it deserves my precious time. Then a thought to my mind came, "School". I should have got to school for work. It was already late so I decided to go home and end this theatrical day.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recovered Day: I really Need a Daily Dose of You

Am I Sick? Since yesterday I have something within me. I guess a light illness that I can tolerate, for now, but bothers me from time to time. I felt dizzy and mild headache that really disturbs my job. I can't focus. A small move, little talk and slight surprise were really a big thing to me. I got easily irritated but fortunately I was able to handle it.

Last night, I told myself to finish my tasks as early as I could and go home to have a full rest and get myself to work as early as I could. Unfortunately this things were not followed not even one of them. I was not able to accomplish the tasks because of some technical errors and I can't just live it just like that, so I have to fix it before I go. And I did. But seems the world was against my plans, it rained. I have no choice but to stay just enjoy the night doing facebook. It was still a good time, I really had a great time with her even just in chat, so hard feeling at all.

I slept around 1 in the morning after she said her good nights and good byes, I taught myself to sleep early so that I could wake up early the next day. And again I did woke up early and go t a better chances of making the planned things work. I got home earlier than the usual, ate my breakfast and spared some time for my nephews attention. Got bored and lay down to my bed. What happened next? I slept and when I got up, men, it's already 11 in the morning. I got pissed off but rather thought of better things than to murmur around. I prepared to go to work as fast as I could. I got a ride with my Papa that somewhat helps financially and emotionally.

I got at school around 1 o'clock and have a little chit chat. Find some things to do and move to fix it. I started to feel a little bit dizzy and noticed I got quiet and so as my fellows. They tried to make feel better by making me laugh but I'm really not in the mood and still fixing myself. At this point I'm still not aware of what's wrong about myself. Later on I was able to identify what's the problem and it was about my health, headache, dizziness and other unidentified conditions. I separated myself from them and focus on the things I'm onto and it help but not that much. I got bored, I have to deal with it. I listened to their conversations and got myself with them. I expressed what am really feeling, as I know it, and I guess they were able to understand my rare behavior for this day.

Time is up and it's time to pack things for the next job. But before I leave Kookie was able to brought some tummy healing thing, Pizza, a slice of it. After the delivery she left us and said her goodbyes, and afterward I also got to leave for my next job. I don't like waiting. I had a hard time in finding my ride for my next destination. After about 15 or more tricycles and 15 to 25 minutes of wasted waiting time before I finally had my ride.

I opened facebook after I arrived to check some updates and mails. Ate my dinner and back to my laptop to start working. I'm not in mood of working but I have to. Time pass and time to buy snacks, Piatos Oishi and the long time perfect attendance a liter of Coca cola. And she was there. I started to heal my self and hope she could help me recover this day. I chatted her, started making some conversation, update each other and enjoy each other. She is really my medicine. Felt better, I really do. Time flies so fast and had to say our thanks and good nights, the part I really love the most. Letting her know how mush she is appreciated and how much I care. Before I got to sleep I ask my self how do I feel? and I answered "I felt Better", and thought of saying this line to her: "I really need a daily dose of you".

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not a Holiday at All Souls Day

I really wonder why was the second day of November this year which was "All Souls Day" not declared as a "Special Non-working Holiday"? Before I started making this post I did some research and found an answer. And the reason or the answer was, President Benigno Aquino III did not sign the documents that declaring this day to be a Special Non-Working Holiday.

How did this day gone for me? It didn't came to be a usual day. I was able to woke up by my fathers voice calling out my name to have a hand on what his up to. So I help out myself to get out of my bed and responded as fast as I could, even though I barely stood straight. My father asked me to carry with him 2 set of divider that was used by his friend on his store. So we brought the divider back to our house a full house. It almost shouted itself that "No Space for New Things". Papa really knows space management and found a place where to put that big thing.

After it's all set and done, I took my breakfast, I ate a lot to have my strength restore. Spent some time watching TV shows, Cartoons and it was "SPONGEBOB square pants". Got bored and thought of I got to move. I fixed my bed, which I rarely do but because I'm looking for something to do so I grabbed the chance. Did a little furnish on the floor and so as to my school shoes in preparation for the up coming semester.

Mama was already preparing for her session of cooking our food for lunch while I decide to have a laundry of my mountain like dirty cloths. I took actions. Lunch was ready and I was still half way of my laundry session. I took my break and have my lunch. hmmmm Mama really cooks well, the undying "HUMBA". tsup tsup tsup tsup tsup "SARAP!" After that I got myself back to finish the work I left because I have to catch up with the Suns drying heat. After I finished my laundry, got some rest got bored and lay down to bed for real rest.

When I woke up it was already 4 in the afternoon, time really pass by so fast. I have to prepare for my work and have to return the camera to our eldest brother as what I've promised the other day to him. After returning the camera I headed to my working place. As usual the homepage was FACEBOOK so it was the first thing I did check and update status. And She was there and had our session of exchanging of stories. It was really the Climax, talking to her again. I missed her a lot.