Monday, November 15, 2010

Pa, let's talk about Boxing: Sunday Boxing Office

One of my Fathers interests is Boxing and he is a big fan of the Peoples Champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. At first I'm not on it, but every time that there is a boxing coverage on TV I have no choice but to watch and hear his excitement on the match. He might be a good boxing commentator if given a young age. Later on as I watch over and over on boxing matches and hear his explanation on each bout, who has a better records, better physique and who's winning the fight. I got the feel on this interest without noticing it and started to enjoy watching and have predictions of each fight outcomes.

Sunday ,November 07,2010 , Philippines, the Day of Puerto Rico vs Mexico. Rafeal Marquez, brother of Juan Manual Marquez, having the record of 39 wins, 35 of which are from Knock outs and 5 loses, fights with the undefeated Juanma Lopez (29 wins, 26 via KO's) in the World renowned boxing venue the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. The World witnessed a great brawl of brave boxers.

For this fight, I bet for the undefeated Juanma Lopez because I saw his previous performance and I was amazed and I saw a great future for this man. Marquez was my fathers bet because he is really impressed with it's brothers performance and hopeful that Rafael will also do the same. We both made our analysis and share, advantages, weakness and more statistics.

The fight started with the current champs dominance for the first set of rounds but Juanma had a taste of Rafael's Power telling the message "Don't take me easy". Lopez got cautious. I myself shouted for this one great fight. Rafael had a stance somewhat alike with his brother but not that good enough to stand Lopez quickness and cleverness. It was not an easy fight for Lopez either Rafael was able to brought up answers to his punches. Several rounds might have resulted for an early end but time always saves the man. Rafael was first caught then the next rounds he got tougher and had Lopez in the same situation, being dizzy.

Round 8, a big brawl was showcase to Vegas as the two exchange bouts to win the fight. It was not an easy fight to both of them. Each giving the best of they have with full of heart and determination to have his hand to pull up at the end of the day. As the round 9 was about to start, an unexpected scene happened. Rafael Marquez gave up the fight. He complains about his shoulder. Lopez won the fight and remained undefeated. Papa and I can't believe that the beautiful fight just ended like that.

We really did have a great time watching two warriors battle for the prestigious belt and for ones honor for his country. One of the best boxing fights I've seen, I say. I still can remember the feeling even at this very moment, the thrill, excitement, and more.

Another great boxing experience was last Sunday, November 14, 2010, that ended the long wait of the million fans of PACMAN. Peoples Champ faces the Tijuana Tornado. Speed over weight was shown and the said Physics law was broken as the fight progress. Manny broke a lot of predictions that day.

As a fan Papa favors Pacman but not that confident because Manny was lighter than his opponent and like most of the comments it would be a big factor in the fight. Even I considered such factor but believed more in Manny Speed and Dedications. I share some of the rumors I've heard prior to the fight. Papa have no idea about Margarito's previous fights and issues.

Father and I can't wait to know the result so we turned on our radio and tuned in to a station having a live coverage on the fight. Papa just can't stop smiling from hearing the comments and the peoples cheer as the live bout progress. I had fun watching him cheering and so as his worried face when Pacquiao was said to be hit badly. He really said no doubt Pacman dominated the fight and it did. The end of the bout the People Champ was raise and the crowd goes wild.

It's time to see the real action on TV. I felt so nervous, I never had much while watching a boxing session on TV. On the first rounds you can see each advantages being used well, Pacman's Speed and Tijuana Tornado's Mass. As the each round ends and as the fight progresses, you can already see who was dominating, it was Pacquiao. Pacquiao was almost everywhere around Margarito in and out living a super fast and heavy punches. Margarito tried to setup Pacquiao on the ropes as the commentators said it was his weakness on his previous fight against Cotto that gave him a hard fight that time. But Margarito just can't caught up with Manny's speed due to his mass. Pacquiao made Margarito's advantage his own disadvantage. The Fight end up bloody for Margarito. He almost fall at the eleventh round of the fight but luckily saved by the bell. Full twelve round of a true boxing was showcased to Dallas Texas.

We were pissed off of the coverage because each round was followed by a long list of Ads sponsoring the fight before the next round begins. Many jobs are postponed because of the Ads. Papa just can't live his sit, not allowing to miss any round of the great fight. We really had a great time, we did really enjoy our Sunday Boxing. Love you Pa ^_^ Thank you ^_^

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