Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1 All Saints Day

First day of the month of November, 'All Saints Day'. Mama and her sisters planned a small reunion and disseminated the task in making it possible. Transportation, food, and flowers were the major things to prioritized. Mama was assigned for the transportation and so as to contribute for a small food for the family. Early Morning and it was already busy in the house and I'm still on my bed.

I woke up, took my breakfast and start moving to help. Cleaning in bits was only my contribution because Mama already prepared everything last night so that she could just cook straight. Spaghetti and Pancit Bihon was the menu. hmmmmmm Mama really cooks well and know our appetite on eating her dishes. We prepared the food we need to bring and left some for our taste test part and so as for our lunch. Yum yum yum. Mama is the cook ever ^_^.

We have ourselves a rest and session of family bonding. My nephews got themselves to play the ever favorite computer games, while we play Christmas songs in the living room. Mama also sings well, she sung with the songs. The call time was 1 in the afternoon and it was already past twelve noon and it's time to hurry up. "Instiks" eyebrows are starting to meet, Papa. He really hates delays. We all got busy in preparing ourselves to dress up and have everything set for small reunion and to visit my grand pa's tomb.

We ourselves a ride to my cousins house, our contact ride, Jeep, arrived slightly delayed from the arranged agreement. And we met. My cousin were all there and we said our Hi's and Hello's, saw our Auntie's, my Mama's sisters, and bless "Mano". Help to carry the things need, have short exchange of stories and we were all set to went to Lolo's tomb. A unit of Jeep would not be enough next year since we were getting bigger and bigger in terms of number and size.Many of cousins were not able to join us but my nephews were all there. The trip to Holy Gardens Matutum Memorial Park was silent like the usual. It was fast. I barely notice the long trip.

We arrived around pass the hour of two. The sun really standing tough, it was so hot. The place was full of people visiting there love ones. There was a program held at center of the place, dance contest I presume. I saw some group of teens having there practice while counting. We deployed and set things up and the prayers started immediately. We first offered our prayers to Lolo, My Uncles Wife, and to my Nephew. Setting up candles for them was really a mess, the wind blows heavily and the candles barely light. We look for a way and ended up leaving a small fire. I'm not sure if it stayed long. So prayed next to my Auntie's husband. It was sincere and I can see in my Auntie's eyes that she misses him.

The prayer was over and the snacks and chit chat time was on. Little kids play with themselves and eats at the same time. Mothers were also busy attending there children. I was busy taking photos. I almost forgot to eat my part. I really enjoyed catching the moments. Laughter were I most observed. We group ourselves, kids, mothers and fellow boy cousins meet, exchange stories, chit chat and more. We didn't stayed long, after everybody seem to settle we also started to pack up things. I got some of my nephews and made them as the subject of my photo shoot. They were cute, innocent and happy. And we had our way home.

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  1. I've seen the pictures of your nephews and niece at your facebook..^^ and they were indeed cute! especially Justin and Audrey...I wanted to pinch their cheeks looking at their photos... hehehe