Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a Sa-THEATER Day

As usual, I woke up late and I was not able to meet my plans for the day. I should have been early for work at school. Since I am late I decided to prepare for the 1pm session or half day. I took my breakfast, took some time to watch TV to enjoy few of my leisure times for my busy life. I planned for the afternoon to settle first my monthly payment for my "Lappy" with my brothers help before I'll be going to school.

Time to fix things up and I have to prepare. I did an earlier preparation since I have to do something before I go to my main day objective. I got dressed for a hard and definitely long day because there were still a lot of things to do at school. I had my ride to my Brother's house. Then the usual line was stated: "May Movies ka?". I said "Yes I have" and he said "Good. I have borrowed a projector and it fits for a Sa-theater Day". Because his flash drive was a bit of damaged, and file transfer using it was not a good option. I volunteered to setup my laptop for the their movie session with his family, my nephews. His masters bedroom was newly renovated and was installed with air conditioning system few days ago was the venue of the great movie day experience.

It was a Sony projector that he was able to borrow from his friend, and he had this new sound system that terrifically matched the room. I can really feel the theatrical ambiance of the setup. nice view of the movie big enough for the room, the sound system was doubly, the video quality was also good plus the effect of the air conditions system of the room. I was a cool experience for me. It was my dream to have a setup like on one the rooms of my future house. And because of this experience I did say I can make this dream to reality.

First stop, INCEPTION, a great movie starring the famous actor "Leonardo Dicaprio". It was a about changing a person perception toward something in reality through their dreams. And it was not just a simple dream. Dreaming withing a dream within a dream. It was really cool, a unique concept was created I couldn't imagine how the whole idea was realized to a fantastic movie. It took about 2 hours before the whole movie was finished. I didn't realize the time consumed until I got out of the room and watch the sunlight outside that was already ready to give way for the night.

After the first movie my brother and I took a break and it was my nephews turn to watch their own selection of movie. They picked "Cats and Dogs: revenge of Kitty Galore". I left to attain my important objective which is to settle my monthly payment before it's too late. My brother lend my some money to buy some Snacks. I live and went to the store for the payment and afterward I went to the mall and buy some Hot Pandesal. After I paid, I saw Mama, with my sister and my nephews. And they asked me if I was able to see Papa around because he was lost because of mis-communication after they went to the comfort room. I got worried so I live them to have a look around and hopeful to find my father. I took a sure look of every face I cross with but found no Papa around.

I left the mall and got back to my brothers house. Eat some hot Pan de sal and not that long my nephews also got out of the room because the movie has already ended. It was our turn again to watch the next picture, Jonah Hex. It was not that cool compared to other movies I've watched before. It lacks some details that supports the whole story and that could have made the story even more interesting. I was dismayed because i really thought it deserves my precious time. Then a thought to my mind came, "School". I should have got to school for work. It was already late so I decided to go home and end this theatrical day.

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