Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who am I?

Hanse Christian, I got this screen name from my Nick Name"Hanse" and then my way of living being a "Christian". I could also relate it to the favorite author of one of my treasured people. It was a co-incidence, I presume, that she love the author.

Hanse. Got a lot of variety before I decided have this name spelled like this. I have Hans, Hanz, and Hannes. It almost came out to be Hanes, a famous brand of shirt and clothing. I just Love the way this name goes.

What's about my way of living? hmmmm... I believe that being a Christian is not just about attending the church, listening to the priests Homily or by participating on religious traditions and the likes. Being Christian is living by "FAITH" on what I really believe in. I Think. I Reflect.I Thank. Everything that had happened in my life I took it as a "BLESSING", a sign of GOD's love and presence. Learning and growing from the people that surrounds me, on how GOD worked in their life. Peoples life, experiences and stories are God's message that I would live onto.

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