Thursday, October 28, 2010

Incomplete Happiness

The day started as I sleep, it was 4 in the morning, after finishing a rush gift that, well seemed to turn out good and appreciated. I woke up late like 8 in the morning to get myself home and have a real rest on my bed. Within me I am hopeful but not expecting that the shared idea of going out together might happen.

The day was restarted as I woke up again, helped my mother to bring my little nephew, Audrey, for her last immunization session. She is that not that light as she looked like, she gained weight. The center was not that far to have a rid. At first I let her walked, she really enjoyed the strolling heading to the Center, innocent of the pain she'll be experiencing soon. So we arrived at the Center and the immunization was already made. She cried as expected because of the pain she felt but when Mama asked her "Yayay ka beh?" she just dissented as id she doesn't feel the pain anymore. I carried her on our way back home making my hand go numb. No regrets I love her.

I took my lunch together with Mama, Ate Elyn, and my other younger nephew CJ eating my favorite "Bihon"then prepared myself to go to school. I got to school around 1 o' clock and it was busy, the 3rd day of enrollment is going on. I did what I have to clean the Laboratory and help Mr. Ken to fix PC's and sort out software to be kept for future use. Did a little chit chat with the people around. The hour came just as we finished the task to do. It happened.

We walk the mall to maximize the time together talking out the whole mini adventure. Starting off the trip in accomplishing the main target "The DIGI". She wants a Digital Camera as the remembrance of her hardship, a self gift. I suggested some places to visit and she agreed. with it. So went to the places I know and after that we went to the store where she saw the cameras she talked about. It had a justified price with its features. We didn't end up buying the camera.

After the main goal was accomplished we buy some time strolling the mall. Played the tourist, tour guide scenario because the mall had some great renovations. She played the role as the tour guide and I am the tourist. I really enjoyed her company. We had so much fun together. She met some old friends, introduced me and have some short exchange of stories. I had fun listening to their stories reminiscing the old times. After it we continued the tour. She got attracted to wallets, watches , some dress and more. As she stared at those things, a thought came to my mind I wish that I have the enough money to buy her those things or even at least one. Our play ended when we already explored the newly renovated area of the mall. We continued to roam around, talk out the whole trip, listen to each story, and laugh out.

I thought of her plan and remembered that she wanted to have an ice cream after the strolling to have some real relaxation. So I asked her and we looked for the ice cream station to buy our creamy ice cream but we found ourselves lost and can't find our destination. So a new adventure started "the Hunt for the Ice Cream Station". We thought that it could be found on the other side of the mall. We roam around the grocery store. Found the Birthday boy "Judie Requiz" with his friends fall in line at the grocery area. As we reached the other side of the area we finally found the Ice Cream station. Bought ourselves our Ice Cream. Look for a place to stay and consume the mouthwatering Ice Cream. We continued our chit chat. I really love the moment.

I noticed she frequently held her head secretly then thought of asking her to go home but I can't find the right time to say it because I saw in her eyes she really enjoys telling story so I paid attention and listen. I get to know her even more and more. I got the chance to ask her to go when there was a short dead air, because I'm really worried about her condition and also she might be also got tired from that long adventure we had. I had to go back to school to get my things and she had to wait for a her ride home. After spending some time waiting for a ride we decided to track the same route on our way home. So together we fetched my things and afterward we have a short walk. I thank her for a beautiful day, that I really enjoyed her company. I arrived first at my destination and parted each other.

I opened my laptop check out my facebook and posted a thankful status. She got online and we had a short exchange of stories for awhile. I read her status that she really had her head ache. I really got worried because she often complain about this head ache. She said her early good night, I asked her to have a good rest cause she'll be having a busy day tomorrow and expressed how happy I am. I thank her and I said my good night...

After that I had a mixed emotion. I really don't know how I feel. I'm hopeful that she get well soon, that her pain would end up already. I had a great time, it might have been tiring but it's so good. I am Happy and I hope so as she....

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  1. buanga uie...i read your blog and it was really nice to hear that you've enjoyed it.. The Mall Tour effect..nyahaha ^^, it was FUN as well as The Ice Cream Station Hunting...haha...what an adventurous Day! haha TC