Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Saver: Vice Ganda Showtime Video

My day started so dizzy and so tiring. I only had 4 hours of sleep because I have a lot of things to finish last night. I got myself to school and do the task intended for me. I can feel my back aching and I get the message to have some rest. A friend, Kookie, gave me a present, a yummy "Butter Roll". We talk for awhile and she had to live for the moment with a friend. I left alone and just continued the cleaning session in the Computer Lab.

Kookie came back and we continued the little chit chat while I was doing my chores. When I'm done, I sit beside her while she browses the Internet. We found this video, " Its Showtime October 09 2010 ~ -vice ganda" (the video beloe). It really made my day. I was able to watch this video the day it was aired on TV but still even its still not the first time that I saw the video I still can't stop LAUGHING.

He is really a Good Comedian, so humorous that drive the audience die laughing. He really deserves his position, where he is now. He is an Asset to ABS-CBN.

This day might be so tiring but laughing it out really helps a lot to make me feel better. Watch it and for sure you will agree with me.

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